Youth Segmentation

Youth Segmentation
An attempt to profile this social group Creative Youth Agency has categorized its various youth target groups as follows;

School Going Young People (both in high school and tertiary institutions)
They present needs such as information in general, life challenges, need for resources to pursue further education, need to understand employment trends or economic opportunities post schooling life.

Young People living on the streets
Forced out of their families by whatever conditions, they have opted to live and work on the streets. They are subjected to harassment, brutality and sub-human conditions.

Young Women
Young people who are at risk because of their gender in violent patriarchal society. These young women are subjected to rape, sexual abuse, violence and harassment, unplanned teenage pregnancy. Young women experience unemployment more frequently than their counterparts and tend to have fewer occupational/entrepreneurial opportunities. These issues are impediment to social development if not attended to.

Young People Heading Households and Youth with HIV/AIDS;
In most cases, these are men and women are orphans as a result of HIV & AIDS related diseases and other social problems that find them taking care of their siblings. Some are looking after family members, mainly parents living with HIV & AIDS.

Unemployed Youth;
These are categorized into two;

Unemployed graduates. Young people who have acquired a specialized skill but are unable to access employment.
Young people that have not completed their education to the level initially planned. These are likely not to be employed or involved in any income generating activity in their lives if no intervention is made.

Youth trapped in Drugs & Alcohol;
At times, being victims of specific circumstances and realities over which they have no or little control, these young men and women are found trapped in drugs and alcohol abuse vicious cycle.

Rural Youth
Youth in Rural Areas are more disadvantaged than those in urban setting. They have less access to services and facilities and opportunities for employment are far less than in urban areas. Dropping out of school to join the army of unemployment  is not uncommon in this group.